Barcoview Monitors Driver

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Barcode scanners can be configured in several different modes. It is important for your barcode scanner to be configured properly for the intended application.

Many barcode scanners can be configured in keyboard wedge mode which makes the barcode scanner appear as a keyboard to Windows. This allows you to scan barcodes into applications that are not barcode scanner aware such as Notepad. When you scan a barcode in this mode, the decoded data from the barcode scanner gets inserted at your insertion point as if you typed the data using your keyboard. If you want more control over your barcode scanner from your UWP application, you will need to configure it in a non-keyboard wedge mode.

USB barcode scanner

A USB connected barcode scanner must be configured in HID POS Scanner mode to work with the barcode scanner driver that is included in Windows. This driver is an implementation of the HID Point of Sale Usage Tables specification published to USB-HID. Please refer to your barcode scanner documentation or contact your barcode scanner manufacturer for instructions to enable the HID POS Scanner mode. Once configured as a HID POS Scanner your barcode scanner will appear in Device Manager under the POS Barcode Scanner node as POS HID Barcode scanner.

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Your barcode scanner manufacturer may also have a vendor specific driver that supports the UWP Barcode Scanner APIs using a mode other than HID POS Scanner. If you have already installed a manufacturer-provided driver compatible with UWP Barcode Scanner APIs, you may see a vendor-specific device listed under POS Barcode Scanner in Device Manager.

Bluetooth barcode scanner

A Bluetooth connected scanner must be configured in Serial Port Protocol - Simple Serial Interface (SPP-SSI) mode to work with the UWP Barcode Scanner APIs. Please refer to your barcode scanner documentation or contact your barcode scanner manufacturer for instructions to enable the SPP-SSI mode.

Before you can use your Bluetooth barcode scanner you must pair it using Settings > Devices > Bluetooth & other devices > Add Bluetooth or other device.

You can initiate and control the pairing process using the Windows.Devices.Enumeration namespace. See Pair Devices for more information.

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Barcoview Monitors Drivers

Barcoview Monitors Driver

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Barcoview Monitors Drivers

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