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Perhaps Louis Chiron’s biggest achievement was being the oldest driver (55) ever to compete in a Grand Prix. From the February/March 2021 issue of Car and Driver. The Bugatti Chiron swims in molten torque. There's so much pure, concentrated grunt that even at idle, the quad-turbo 16-cylinder feels like. Chiron, and as you can probably guess, legendary race car driver and Bugatti test driver Andy Wallace helms the series of short clips. All five episodes were released today, starting with an intro.

Just an update on mine.
I swapped the stock drivers in the Chiron for TCM2208 today, and it's pretty promising.
All I hear is the power supply fan and the extruder when it retracts now. The steppers are VERY quiet.. it's creepy... but awesome.

Notes for anyone else doing this in future.
The stock A4988 driver boards for X, Y, Z, E0 are all 1 PCB where 4 drivers are all connected. (cheaper to manufacture probably) E1 (the one being used for the 2nd Z) was a stand alone PCB.
I measured the voltage of the stock drivers before taking them out and adjusted the TCM2208 to match those voltages.
I used the white FYSTEC ones from Amazon.

Voltages looked like this on mine.
X - 0.83V
Y - 1.28V
Z - 0.9V
E0 - 1.07V
E1 - 0.9V - Used as Z on left side.

The voltage adjustment pot was on the opposite site as the stock A4988. ***WATCH THE GND and DIR PINS!!! Make sure you are plugging it in correctly.

I did not swap the wires.
I modified the firmware values in Arduino and pushed the modified firmware to the machine.
Flip the following opposite of what is there now. (From True to False or False to True depending on what it's currently set to)

Motors ran MUCH cooler than the stock drivers and I haven't missed any steps yet. Running through my 3rd test print now.

Also, the stock cooling fan for the stepper drivers barely clears the stock fan shroud, but I still got it to fit with minimal issues.

Hope this helps anyone doing this upgrade in the future.


1930s Louis Chiron driver kit.

This set includes Chiron’s original brown leather helmet, tan cotton and leather driving gloves, and two tinted goggles.

During this period Louis Chiron was driving the following cars –

  • Bugatti Type 51
  • Bugatti Type 53
  • Bugatti Type 54
  • Scuderia Ferrari Alfa Romeo P3 Tipo B
  • Mercedes – Benz W25
Chiron Driver

Chiron Driver Download

These incredible items were formerly property of the Chiron estate and would make a beautiful addition to your collection.

This set of course includes our lifetime certificate.

Anycubic Chiron Driver

Note – our reference photos show Chiron winning at Monaco in the Bugatti Type 51 Grand Prix car. (T51, T53, T54)