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3 Year Warranty Comes Standard

View and Download Datalux TM110 user manual online. Rugged Tablet PC. TM110 tablet pdf manual download. At least 10 Computers, Several Datalux TF100 Series; 9 or more laptops; 8 keyboards, boxes of phones; 6 mice, etc. Hard Drives have been removed. We do not know the condition of these items. Questions and Answers Q: what is the reserve price (3/10/20 1:16 AM) A: We don't give that out, but it is very reasonable. (3/10/20 9:47 AM). The Databrick UC1 and Databrick BX2 are compact, fanless computers that are ideally suited for mobile data computing in public safety. Both feature all metal housings and come standard with Windows 10 Professional, Intel i5 processors and 120GB SSD (both of which can be upgraded).

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The TM110 Rugged Tablet from Datalux was engineered to provide superior and durable functionality in vehicle deployments while still being a removable solution that is highly portable. The TM110 Rugged Tablet is protected against spills, dust, shock and vibration; it was designed to MIL-STD 810G, the durable construction with reinforced chassis can handle bumps on the road and drops on the ground.

Docking, Attachable Keyboard

Datalux Laptops & Desktops Driver Download For Windows

Convert the TM110 Tablet into a rugged laptop with a fully sealed, backlit keyboard. Keyboard latches onto the tablet docking connector and is secured with locking thumbscrews. In the attached position, the tilting hinge allows the TM110 keyboard to fold completely flush to the tablet. Ruggedized for resistance to shock, vibration, dust and spills.

Thin, Light and easy to handle

At 2.7lbs, the TM110 Rugged Tablet is the lightest fully rugged tablet with an 11.6” screen on the market. The thin (approximately ¾ inch) housing, makes this tablet easy to handle either with or without the included hand strap.

Datalux Laptops & Desktops Driver Download For Windows

Large, super bright screen

The product is designed around a sunlight readable 11.6” screen with a 1366×768 resolution that is easily viewable in direct sunlight or bright vehicle interiors. The screen has over 25% more viewable area than popular 10.1” tablets, making it truly readable by the driver when mounted near the dash. The crisp touchscreen features multi-touch and will work with hand or the included stylus.

Intel Core Processor for powering Windows

Designed with the latest Intel technology, the TM110 Rugged Tablet is offered with the fast and efficient Core i5 processor. For the most demanding applications such as video processing, the Corei7 processor is available as an upgrade. The Intel Core i7 is the fastest processor in its class with the performance to handle larger files and more taxing software with ease.

Wirelessly Connect to the cloud or central databases in a variety of ways

Built-in Intel 802.11ac next generation WiFi enables super fast connection to access points or in-vehicle network devices. Optional integrated 4GLTE broadband (Gobi 5000) provides for direct connections to cellular networks (Verizon only). In addition, the unit can be configured with a GPS option for mapping and automated vehicle location (AVL). To connect to vehicle modems, legacy serial and USB2.0 and superspeed USB3.0 ports are available.

Most Ergonomic Tablet Mounting on the Market

The compact form factor of the TM110 Rugged Tablet combined with the Datalux TRU-mount and vehicle dock enable a truly safe and ergonomic mounting in police cruisers and SUVs. The TRU mount positions the display screen front and center to keep the drivers attention forward and not off to the side. A proprietary indexing mechanism allows the unit to swing open for access to dash controls. In addition to the TRU-mount, Datalux offers complete mounting solutions for all makes and models of police, fire and EMS vehicles. The TM110 Rugged Tablet vehicle dock securely holds the unit and bring out multiple I/O ports (USB, LAN, serial). The dock is also available with an option for RF pass-through to roof mounted antenna (requires TM110 Rugged Tablet configuration). Secures with a key lock.

Datalux TRU-Keyboard

Unique backlit keyboard clips on and off mount with one hand. Two different versions with two different levels of sealing protection are available – full-travel keys with sealing membrane beneath or completely spill-proof industrial rubber keys. Sold with straight or coiled USB cable.

Integrated and Modular Data input options

Datalux laptops for sale

The TM110 Rugged Tablet can be configured with integrated 2D barcode reader. Multiple external modular packs are also available to add support for security and data collection functions, including readers for RFID, smartcard and magnetic stripe cards. Each unit is also equipped with rear facing and front facing cameras.

Enhanced Security

The Datalux TM110 Rugged Tablet is equipped with TPM 1.2 for hardware security and a Kensington lock for physical security. Trusted Platform Modules (TPM) help proactively establish more trusted relationships for remote or local access through secure user authentication and machine attestation. In addition, compliance with 2FA security can be achieved with the data input optional add-ons or with biometric peripherals available as Datalux accessories.

Exceptional Warranty and exceptional customer support

Datalux offers a full 3 year warranty with every TM110 Rugged Tablet. As with all Datalux products, customer support is based in the USA. Should customers encounter any technical issues or need assistance with upgrades, highly experienced factory and field technicians can provide assistance. In addition to the standard warranty, Datalux offers extended warranties, no-fault warranties and spare-in-the-air programs.

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Computer Systems for Police, Fire and EMS Vehicles

Police, Fire and EMS vehicles all have one common challenge: they present difficult environments in which to install and maintain computer equipment. Datalux has developed mobile computing solutions that people on the front lines of the public safety can rely on.

Datalux Laptops & Desktops Driver Download For Windows

Designed to stand up to wear, tear, and pounding – Datalux products deliver the features that make work easy, along with access to back-office information and the real time intelligence needed to keep communities safe. Paired with our custom vehicle mounting options, Datalux rugged tablets and fixed mount computer are fully equipped to boost efficiency in critical circumstances.

All Datalux products fit safely and ergonomically in public safety vehicles, backed by an industry leading warranty and serviced in the USA.

Datalux Laptops & Desktops Driver Download For Windows 7

Benefits to Police Departments

  • Pull records quickly with fast wireless connections to central databases.
  • Powerful processing for viewing in-car video
  • Increase ticketing accuracy and city revenues with compatible with e-citation software.
  • Improve officer efficiency with paperless documentation of evidence or deposition in the field

Benefits to Fire and EMS:

  • Streamline dispatching – GPS option enables emergency responders to get on-site faster
  • Easily run multiple applications, including mapping and records management systems.
  • Increase access to critical pre-hospital patient data
  • Eliminate error-prone paper processes related to investigations and inspections

Tracer Fixed Mount Solution MDT

The Tracer Fixed Mobile computer is an all-in-one PC that has been helping police, fire and EMS personnel perform for over a decade. It features a super bright 1200nit screen which can dim down to 2nits to provide the ultimate in viewability daytime or nighttime. The computer stays with the vehicle so it is always ready to be deployed. The Tracer features a host of built-in connection options, including 5+ USB ports, 2 LAN ports as well as RS-232 Serial; it is the ideal solution for connecting to multiple peripherals and TCPIP cameras.

Rugged Tablet

The TM110 Rugged Tablet was engineered to provide durability and viewability in a removable computing solution. It has a large HD 11.6” screen, yet, at 2.7lbs, it is light and portable. The tablet is approximately ¾ inch thick and easy to handle while still durable enough to handle drops of up to 3ft. Features an Intel Corei5 processor, or upgrade to a Core i7. Available with 4GLTE for fast connections to broadband cellular.

The tablet can be enhanced with security and data collection options, including readers for bar code, smart cards, RFID and magnetic stripe.

Databrick Compact and Fanless Mobile PCs

The Databrick UC1 and Databrick BX2 are compact, fanless computers that are ideally suited for mobile data computing in public safety. Both feature all metal housings and come standard with Windows 10 Professional, Intel i5 processors and 120GB SSD (both of which can be upgraded).

They are designed to interface with touchscreen monitors such as the Dodge UConnect®, Havis TSD and Datalux XG10 and XG12. Their small size allows them to be placed in a variety of locations within a vehicle. They are priced under $1,000 for the base configuration.

Durable LCD Monitors and Touchscreens

Datalux’s line of durable LCD monitors and touchscreens were developed to handle tough envrinoments, including fire, rescue and police applications. The high-brightness LCDs can be paired with Datalux’s fixed mount or rugged tablet PCs or even laptops from other manufacturers to provide a secondary screen/workstation in command vehicles, fire apparatus or even police cruisers. The metal enclosure and sealed screen means reliable performance in all types of public safety vehicles.

Vehicle Mounting

Datalux Laptops & Desktops Driver Download For Windows

Datalux provides a complete solution for mobile computing in vehicles. We offer mounts, tablet vehicle docks, keyboards and computer peripherals. The Datalux TRU-Mount is our unique vehicle mount for the Ford Interceptor, Chevy PPV, Chevy Tahoe, Dodge Charger and other popular police vehicles, it provides safe and ergonomic mounting of the Tracer and rugged tablet. We also can provide specialty mounts for nearly every public safety vehicle in use.

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Customer Support and Installation Services

All Datalux products are backed by a strong warranty and serviced in the USA. In addition to factory and field support on our computer products, Datalux can perform vehicle installations of all the computer equipment and mounts that we offer. We can also work with project and fleet managers to guide in-house installers.

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There are multiple resources within the US Federal Government and state governments for grants to help fund mobile technology for public safety services. Check with your state for state government grant resources. Listed below are just a few of the federal resources.