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The Learning and Authoring Software for STEM Education

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Coach 7 is the most versatile and complete software for STEM Education.
Coach integrates ICT tools, which resemble technologies used by professional scientists and facilitate an inquiry-based approach to education. By collecting high-quality, real-time data, constructing and using models, using simulations and visualisations, comparing results from experiments and models, student can be actively involved in authentic learning activities.
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Coach 7.7 (release January 20, 2021)
Coach 7 can be installed on Windows computers by using the MSI installation file and on MAC computers by using the DMG installation file.
Starting from version 7.7 Coach Installation includes only Tutorials in English and Dutch. CMA Projects are not included in the installation anymore. They have to be downloaded via the Dashboard button Download CMA Projects.

Important for Windows Installation: Error ‘Cannot read Author key file. It may be missing or corrupt’.

Starting from version 7.4 the Windows installation has been modified to not reset the Author key to the default value after update. This means that a file, which consists this Author key, will not be overwritten during Coach Installation. Unfortunately for installation of Coach 7.4 on some systems a direct upgrade (installation when an older version of Coach is installed) does not work correctly. In such situation, the file is deleted and not replaced by the new one, and you get an error message Cannot read Author key file. It may be missing or corrupt. There are two ways to solve this problem:
1. First uninstall the older version of Coach and after that install the new Coach, or
2. Run “Program and Features” repair.

Low-level drivers

For older models of CoachLab II+ (Windows and Mac) and EuroMotion (only Windows) it may be needed to install low-level drivers. The low-level drivers are digitally signed with the CMA license certificate. This certificate must be installed prior to the installation of low-level drivers. Download and install the public CMA certificate.

Depending on your processor type choose the right installation file:
x86 – for Intel based 32 Bits Processors
x64 – for Intel based 64 Bits Processors (also known as x64, x86_64 and AMD64)
i64 – for Itanium 64 bits Processors (also known as IA-64)
OSX – for all Mac computers

You must install the Altera® USB-BlasterTM or Altera USB-Blaster IIdownload cable driver before you can use it to program devices with Quartus® Prime software.

The first time the USB-Blaster download cable is plugged in, the Windows Found New Hardware dialog box prompts you to install the driver. (Note: Do not use the Add HardwareWizard from the Control Panel.)

The USB-Blaster II device drivers require manual installation so that the cable will be properly recognized. Refer to the instructions below.

The Altera On-Board USB-Blaster II cable appears as Altera USB-Blaster (unconfigured) when first attached to your system. After it has been configured by the Quartus Prime software, it will appear as Altera USB-Blaster II (JTAG interface) and then Altera USB-Blaster II (SystemConsole interface). You might need to install drivers for each of these interfaces; follow the steps below to install the drivers.

Download coachlab 2 drivers

You must have system administration (Administrator) privileges to install the USB-Blaster and USB-Blaster II download cable driver.

Download Coachlab 2 Drivers

Driver Installation for Altera USB-Blaster

Download Coachlab 2 Driver Windows 7

  1. Plug the USB-Blaster download cable into your PC. The Found New Hardware dialog box appears.
  2. Select Locate and install driver software (recommended).
  3. Select Don't search online.
  4. When you are prompted to Insert the disc that came with your USB-Blaster, select I don’t have the disc. Show me other options.
  5. Select Browse my computer for driver software (advanced) when you see the Windows couldn’t find driver software for your device dialog box.
  6. Click Browse, and browse to the<Path to Quartus Prime installation>driversusb-blaster directory.
    • Note: Do not select the x32 or x64 directories.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Select the Include subfolders option, and click Next.
  9. If you are prompted Windows can’t verify the publisher of this driver software, select Install this driver software anyway in the Window Security dialog box. The installation wizard guides you through the installation process.
  10. When The software for this device has been successfully installed dialog box appears, click Close.
  11. To complete your installation, set up programming hardware in the Quartus Prime software.

Driver Installation for Altera USB-Blaster II

Download Coachlab 2 Driver Printer

  1. Plug the USB-Blaster II cable into your PC.
  2. Open the Device Manager, and right-click on the Unknown device under the Other devices branch.
  3. Select Update Driver Software.
  4. Select Browse my computer for driver software.
  5. Enter the location of the Quartus Prime software USB-Blaster II driver files directory (<Path to Quartus Prime installation>driversusb-blaster-ii) in the Search for driver software in this location field.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Click Install in the Would you like to install this device software? Windows security dialog box.
  8. Close the Update Driver Software - Altera USB-Blaster II (Unconfigured) successful installation notification. The Device Manager now shows a new branch called JTAG cables with an Altera USB-Blaster II (Unconfigured) node.
  9. Open the Quartus Prime Programmer. Within a few seconds, the JTAG cables branch displays two nodes: Altera USB-Blaster II (JTAG interface) and Altera-USB Blaster II (System Console interface).