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The instruction of Siemens 6es7972-0cb20-0xa0 driver software. if it is not the special cable, just install the driver of chip driver, select the version according to your computer system.

PCL Mini-Driver. Download (File Size: 4,409 KB) Ver.2.17 Released Date: This provides the same function as Windows system drivers. Some functions might be. PC Pitstop - PC Performance Roots. PC Pitstop began in 1999 with an emphasis on computer diagnostics and maintenance. During the early days of the dot com boom, our online PC maintenance tools were skyrocketing.

Tips of cable using

Download Compusys Plc Driver

1.SIMATIC PC Adapter USB appear in Device Manager, that means the installation of driver automatically need install the driver anymore.

2.200 series PLC need V4.0 STEP 7 MicroWIN SP9, can not low SP9.

Download Compusys Plc Driver Updater

it works when all 3 indicators.the switch in STOP status first. then:connect the computer with PLC, then seting programming software.

3.S 300 400 series PLC connection, the version must upper than 5.5. no need driver the version above 5.5.

PLC in stop status first, and set PG/PC, select PC Adapter, and click ok then.


chip driver download ,Siemens PLC adapter

USB-PPI+driver download ,Siemens PLC adapter

USB-MPI Driver download ,Siemens PLC adapter

Software Download

Software NameVersionSizeUpdatedTypeDownload
FBs-PLC USB Port Driver (U2C-FT230) For All Windowsv2.12.161.29MB2016-06-03URL
FBs-30GM default parameters(for FBs-30GM Program_Block V1.1 V1.2)1KB2014-05-29URL
QCU18 software for FBs-CMZBR3.60MB2014-09-17URL
Facon Server for Win8693KB2013-09-06URL
FBs-PLC Server USB Port Driver For Win8 & Win8.13.93MB2014-06-10URL
Winproladder for DOS2013-02-25URL
CBEH manual2012-12-06URL
Service Call CenterV1.0 build 201109142012-11-27URL
EasyWebDesignerV1.1 Build 201503171.75MB2015-03-18URL
CANopen Communication Board User’s Manual2012-12-06URL
Software NameVersionSizeUpdatedType
EasyCANopenerV1.0 Build 201205092012-11-27URL
PEPD SoftwareV1.2 build 031520112012-12-06URL
Vom Edit SoftWareV1.01 build 020220102012-12-06URL
FBs-PLC Server USB Port Driver For W72012-11-27URL
FBs-PLC Server USB Port Driver For VISTA2012-11-27URL
FBs-PLC Server USB Port Driver For WinXP2013-01-24URL
FATEK Communication Server ToolsV1.13-147212012-12-06URL
OS update guide2012-12-06URL
FP-08 OS FileV1.082012-12-06URL
FP-08 OS Update(PP Boot.exe) ToolsV1.012012-12-06URL

Download Compusys Plc Drivers

Software NameVersionSizeUpdatedType
Ethernet module Configuration Set and USER-Manual2013-01-24URL
Ethernet Module Configure ToolsV3.3 build20131112666KB2013-11-12URL
OS version change noteV4.79156KB2016-01-04URL
FBs-30GM default parameters(for FBs-30GM Program_Block V1.4)1KB2016-10-28URL
GMMon (FBs-30GM software)V1_04_01_1512P18.79MB2015-04-20URL
OS Version VariationV4.03~V4.792.3MB2016-01-04URL
WinProladderChangeNoteWinProladder V3.25 ChangeNote2016-05-16URL
WinProladderV3.25 Build 193273.06MB2016-08-03URL
FBs-30GM OS fileV10.
OS update guide2013-01-24URL
Software NameVersionSizeUpdatedType
WinProladderV3.25 Build 191183.11MB2016-05-23URL
FBs-30GM Program_Block_and_IO_Plugin V1.1V1.18.49KB2015-04-20URL
OS Update ToolsV1.612014-08-12URL
FBs OS FileV4.79208KB2016-01-04URL
FBs-30GM Program_Block_and_IO_Plugin V1.2V1.219.5KB2015-04-20URL
WinProladderV3.24 Build 177053.09MB2014-08-20URL
FBs OS FileV4.78208KB2015-09-08URL
FBs-30GM Program_Block_and_IO_Plugin V1.4V1.420.9KB2016-10-28URL
WinProladderV3.23 Build 17205-13.09MB2014-03-28URL
FBs OS FileV4.77208KB2015-05-05URL
Software NameVersionSizeUpdatedType
WinProladderV3.22 Build 166303.03MB2013-11-25URL
FBs-30GM Change Start Position Function5.25KB2015-11-12URL
FBs OS FileV4.76208KB2015-01-13URL
WinProladderV3.21 Build 160012013-04-01URL
FBs OS FileV4.68208KB2015-05-05URL
WinProladderV3.20 Build 15428-32012-12-06URL
WinProladderV3.11 Build 147012014-01-16URL
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Download Compusys Plc Driver Download