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Download Free PDF. Download Free PDF. Advanced Graphical Interface AGI 300/400 series DEIF A/S Frisenborgvej 33 DK-7800 Skive. In case of very long lines on the network, terminating resistors might be needed (typically 120 Ω. Page 24: Can Bus Engine Communication CGC 400 installation instructions Communication UK 5.3 CAN bus engine communication 5.3.1 Connection with 2-wire cable (recommended) engine control module DEIF A/S Page 24 of 25.

On this page, you can download software updates for your product(s) and help yourself to various utility tools and add-ons that will assist you in setting up, detecting faults and configuring your product(s).

Please be advised that not all of our products can be updated by the user. Nor do all of our products come with a utility tool. Consequently, the list on this page cannot be considered an overview of our product programme.

DEIF will register your download along with the used e-mail address for the purpose of sending out information on future updates, if requested.

DEIF cannot be made responsible for any consequences of failed product updates or use of utility tools. Nor can DEIF A/S be made responsible for consequences of changes in behaviour of products due to a software upgrade. It is always the responsibility of the user to ensure correct set-up and configuration before commissioning. Please study the version log of the software before updating the product.

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As always, we recommend that you install our offered improvements to fully utilise your DEIF product.

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All improved software can be downloaded at your convenience at under “Software”.

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Should you have any questions or experience problems finding the relevant software for your product, please feel free to call DEIF A/S at +45 96149614 or your relevant local DEIF office. Alternatively, we are always ready to assist you, if you send an e-mail to [email protected]