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AirCard 555 driver 1.0
We've developed a data-only driver for owners of Mac laptops running Mac OS X, version 10.
StelsXML - fast XML JDBC driver 3.2
StelsXML - a fast XML JDBC driver
Relational Junction CSV JDBC driver 7.0
JDBC driver for text files (CSV, DSV, tab-separated, fixed-length, etc)
Driver Genius Professional Edition 2007
A professional driver management tool, keep your drivers up to date.
Driver Genius
Keep your drivers up-to-date automatically and keep your PC running like new!
Virtual Serial Port Driver 9.0
Virtual Serial Port Driver allows creating virtual serial port pairs on PC
Virtual Serial Port Driver XP4.5 4.5
Creates virtual serial ports and connects them to each other for data transfer.
Eltima Virtual Serial Port Driver 6.9
VSPD emulates RS232 serial ports connected via virtual null-modem cable.
Virtual Serial Ports Driver XP 4.0
Two virtual serial ports linked to each other via virtual null-modem cable.
dbExpress Driver for SQLite 3.10
dbExpress driver that defines common interface for access to SQLite from Delphi

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WebDriver allows developers to create automated tests that simulate user interaction. WebDriver tests and simulations differ from JavaScript unit tests because WebDriver:

  • Accesses functionality and information not available to JavaScript running in browsers.
  • Simulates user events or OS-level events more accurately.
  • Manages multiple windows, tabs, and webpages in a single test session.
  • Runs multiple sessions of Microsoft Edge on a specific machine.

The following section describes how to get started with WebDriver for Microsoft Edge (Chromium).

Install Microsoft Edge (Chromium)

Ensure you install Microsoft Edge (Chromium). To confirm that you have Microsoft Edge (Chromium) installed, navigate to edge://settings/help, and verify the version number is Version 75 or later.

Download Microsoft Edge Driver

To begin automating tests, use the following steps to ensure that the WebDriver version you install matches your browser version.

  1. Navigate to edge://settings/help to get the version of Microsoft Edge.

    The build number for Microsoft Edge Canary on January 14, 2020

  2. Navigate to the Microsoft Edge Driver downloads page and download the driver that matches the version number of Microsoft Edge.

    The Downloads section of the Microsoft Edge Driver page

Choose a WebDriver language binding

The last component you must download is a language-specific client driver to translate your code (Python, Java, C#, Ruby, JavaScript) into commands the Microsoft Edge Driver runs in Microsoft Edge (Chromium).

Download the WebDriver language binding of your choice. The Microsoft Edge team recommends Selenium 4.00-alpha07 or later, because it supports Microsoft Edge (Chromium). However, you may control Microsoft Edge (Chromium) in all older versions of Selenium, including the current stable Selenium 3 release.


If you were previously automating or testing Microsoft Edge (Chromium) using ChromeDriver and ChromeOptions classes, your WebDriver code does not run on Microsoft Edge Version 80 or later. To solve this problem, update your tests to use the EdgeOptions class and download Microsoft Edge Driver.

Edge Usb Modem Driver Download

Use Selenium 3

If you already use Selenium 3, you may have existing browser tests and want to add coverage for Microsoft Edge (Chromium) without changing your version of Selenium. To use Selenium 3 to write automated tests for both Microsoft Edge (EdgeHTML) and Microsoft Edge (Chromium), install the Selenium Tools for Microsoft Edge package to use the updated driver. The EdgeDriver and EdgeDriverService classes included in the tools are fully compatible with the built-in equivalents in Selenium 4.

Use the following steps to add the Selenium Tools for Microsoft Edge and Selenium 3 to your project.

Add the Microsoft.Edge.SeleniumTools and Selenium.WebDriver packages to your .NET project using the NuGet CLI or Visual Studio.

Use pip to install the msedge-selenium-tools and selenium packages.

If your Java project uses Maven, add msedge-selenium-tools-java by coping the following dependency to your pom.xml file:

The Java package is also available to download directly on the Selenium Tools for Microsoft Edge Releases page.

Use npm to install the edge-selenium-tools and selenium-webdriver packages.

Automate Microsoft Edge (Chromium) with WebDriver

To automate a browser using WebDriver, you must first start a WebDriver session using your preferred WebDriver language binding. A session is a single running instance of a browser that can be controlled using WebDriver commands. Starting a WebDriver session launches a new browser instance. The browser that is launched remains open until you close the WebDriver session.

The following content walks you through using Selenium to start a WebDriver session with Microsoft Edge (Chromium). You may run theses examples using either Selenium 3 or 4. To use with Selenium 3, the Selenium Tools for Microsoft Edge package must be installed.

Automating Microsoft Edge (Chromium)

Selenium uses the EdgeDriver class to manage a Microsoft Edge (Chromium) session. To start a session and automate Microsoft Edge (Chromium), create a new EdgeDriver object and pass it an EdgeOptions object with the UseChromium property set to true.

The EdgeDriver class supports Microsoft Edge (Chromium) only, and does not support Microsoft Edge (EdgeHTML). For basic usage, you may create an EdgeDriver without providing EdgeOptions.


If your IT admin has set the DeveloperToolsAvailability policy to 2, Microsoft Edge Driver is not be able to drive Microsoft Edge (Chromium) because the driver uses the Microsoft Edge DevTools. Ensure the DeveloperToolsAvailability policy is set to 0 or 1 to automate Microsoft Edge (Chromium).

Choosing Specific Browser Binaries (Chromium-Only)

You may start a WebDriver session with specific Microsoft Edge (Chromium) binaries. For example, you may run tests using the Microsoft Edge preview channels such as Microsoft Edge Beta.


Customizing the Microsoft Edge Driver Service

When an EdgeDriver class instance is created using EdgeOptions class, it creates and launches the appropriate EdgeDriverService class for either Microsoft Edge (EdgeHTML) or Microsoft Edge (Chromium).

If you want to create an EdgeDriverService, create one configured for Microsoft Edge (Chromium) using the CreateChromiumService() method. You may find it useful when you need to add customizations. For example, the following code starts verbose log output.


You do not need to provide the EdgeOptions object when passing EdgeDriverService to the EdgeDriver instance. The EdgeDriver class uses the default options for either Microsoft Edge (EdgeHTML) or Microsoft Edge (Chromium) based on the service you provide.
However, if you want to provide both EdgeDriverService and EdgeOptions classes, ensure that both are configured for the same version of Microsoft Edge. For example, it is not possible to use a default Microsoft Edge (EdgeHTML) EdgeDriverService class and Chromium properties in the EdgeOptions class. The EdgeDriver class throws an error to prevent using different versions.

When using Python, the Edge object creates and manages the EdgeService. To configure the EdgeService, pass additional arguments to the Edge object as indicated in the following code.

Use the createDefaultService() method to create an EdgeDriverService configured for Microsoft Edge (Chromium). Driver services in Java are customized using Java system properties. For example, the following code uses the 'webdriver.edge.verboseLogging' property to enable verbose log output.

When using JavaScript, create and configure a Service with the ServiceBuilder class. Optionally, you may pass the Service object to the Driver object, which starts (and stops) the service for you.
To configure the Service, run another method in the ServiceBuilder class before using the build() method. Then pass the service as a parameter in the Driver.createSession() method.

Use Chromium-Specific Options

If you set the UseChromium property to true, you may use the EdgeOptions class to access the same Chromium-specific properties and methods that are used when automating other Chromium browsers.


If the UseChromium property is set to true, you are not able to use properties and methods for Microsoft Edge (EdgeHTML).

Additional WebDriver installation options


If you use Chocolatey as your package manager, install the Microsoft Edge Driver by running the following command.

For more information, see Selenium Chromium Edge Driver on Chocolatey.


If you use Docker, download a pre-configured image with Microsoft Edge (Chromium) and Microsoft Edge Driver pre-installed by running the following command.

For more information, navigate to the msedgedriver container on Docker Hub.

Next steps

Download Edge Modems Driver Windows 10

To learn more about WebDriver and how to write automated WebDriver tests using Selenium, navigate to the Selenium documentation.

Getting in touch with the Microsoft Edge DevTools team

Download Edge Modems Driver Bits

The Microsoft Edge team is eager to hear your feedback about using WebDriver, Selenium, and Microsoft Edge. To send the team your questions and comments, choose the Send Feedback icon in the Microsoft Edge DevTools or send a tweet @EdgeDevTools.