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I have attached 4 vi's in a zip file that i used to talk to a JDS HA9 optical attenuator. Far from being a driver, but it may get you started. The supported commands of the two units should be close but i'm not promising anything. These grating stabilized pumps from Lumentum, formerly JDSU, are designed for erbium doped fiber amplifier. They are stabilized devices with up to 460mW of optical output power. Several key specifications include semi-cooled operation at 45 degrees Celsius for a reduction in TEC and overall power consumption.

  • Jdsu Smartclass Ethernet Usb Driver aa94214199 Product image of Viavi Solutions CSC-ETHLP-P3 SmartClass Ethernet Complete Package.
  • 920 br03 driver download JDSU Z5 Modulator, Lithium Niobate, 10Gb/s, 20GHz, Integrated Photodiode eBay This approach allows for separate optimization of modukator laser and the modulatorwhich results in robust system performance with respect to the operating conditions such as operating current, modulator voltage swing and offset.
0C to 70C
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The JDS Uniphase Datacom Small Form Factor
provide high-speed serial links at signaling rates
Gigabit Ethernet 802.3 or American National
PI specification. All Datacom SFP transceivers are
residential FCC Class B.
with broader supply and laser voltage tolerances,
lasers, and interoperability with other standards-
compliant transceivers at link distances up to 80 km.
and transmit optical subassemblies designed for
The JSM family expands upon the original JSP
operation and a bail latch for high density host
respectively JSP and JSM product-enhanced with
features. JSH-42S4AA1 supports 4.25 Gb/s Fibre
rate select pin.

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Download Jds Uniphase Driver
SFP Pluggable Transceivers
Fibre Channel
Low bit error rate (<10
850 nm VCSEL, 1310 Fabry Perot, 1550 DFB
Tri-speed versions for stocking simplicity
Extended temperature operation options
Support for FICON or LX10 applications
Class 1 laser safe
UL, CDRH, and TUV certified
IEC 60825, IEC 60950 compliant
Fibre Channel FC-PI compliance
Telcordia GR-468-CORE stress tested

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... All 850 nm products use enhanced oxide lasers and transmit optical subassemblies designed for reliability and extra-long-life operations. The JSM family expands upon the original JSP family features with extended temperature operation and a bail latch for high density host card packaging. JSD and JSH products are ...

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... SFP Pluggable Transceivers for Ethernet and Fibre Channel 2 JSM and JSH Product Families (Specifications in mm unless otherwise noted.) 28.5 MIN JSP and JSD Product Families (Specifications in mm unless otherwise noted.) BACK OF BEZEL TOP OF PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD 55 5 REF 45±0.2 55.1 REF 17 ...

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... SFP Pluggable Transceivers for Ethernet and Fibre Channel 3 850 nm Short Wave Transceivers Specifications Parameter JSP-12S0AA1 JSM-12S0AA1 JSD-12S0AA1 Applications Fibre channel 1 Gb/s Ethernet 1 Gb/s (SX) Diagnostic monitoring JSD model Electrical Interface Transmit signal input differential swing Receive signal input differential swing Control I/O signals ...

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... JSM/JSH (except JSH-xxLxDxx) - °C JSH-xxLxDxx - Operating humidity Storage temperature Mechanical Dimension Form Factor Digital Diagnostics (JSH models) Standard - Enhance features - Laser Safety US International JSP-21L0AA1 JSH-12L0AA1 JSM-21L0AA1 JSH-12L0DA1 1310 nm 1310 nm 2/1 Gb Gb/s (LX) - Yes 400 to 2000 mV 400 to 2000 mV p-p p-p p-p ...

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... SFP Pluggable Transceivers for Ethernet and Fibre Channel 5 850 nm Short Wave Transceivers Link Distances Maximum Distance JSP-12S0AA1 JSM-12S0AA1 JSD-12S0AA1 50/125 µm optical fiber, 700 MHz standard 1.0625 Gb/s 500 m 1.250 Gb/s 550 m 2.125 Gb/s n/a 4.25 Gb/s - Berk-Tek GIGAlite TM 50/125 µm, 700 MHz 1 ...

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... JSM-42S4AA1 SX • JSH-21S3AA1 SX • JSH-21S3DA1 SX • JSM-21S3AA1 SX • JSP-21S3AA1 SX • JSD-21S0AA1 • JSM-21S0AA1 • JSP-21S0AA1 • JSM-12S0AA1 SX • JSP-12S0AA1 SX • JSH-21L3AF1 LX10 • JSH-21L3AH1 LX10 • JSH-21L3DH1 LX10 • JSM-21L0AA1 • JSP-21L0AA1 • JSH-12L0AA1 LX • JSH-12L0DA1 LX • JSM-12L0AA1 LX • JSP-12L0AA1 LX • ...

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... Ordering Information For more information on this or other products and their availability, please contact your local JDS Uniphase account manager or JDS Uniphase directly at 1-800-498-JDSU (5378) in North America and +800-5378-JDSU worldwide or via e-mail at [email protected] Sample: JSP-12S0AA1 Product Code Description JSP-12S0AA1 1.25 Gb/s 1000Base-SX Ethernet, 850 nm, plastic pull tab JSM-12S0AA1 1 ...

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