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AZDA is an interactive self-service tool that enables business users to leverage Momentous data and manage policies/processes. Users will leverage the tool to design and develop map- reduce functions at the same time. The tool will support basic data quality checks as well as core statistical functions such as mean, median and mode. DeepMind Technologies fvlad,koray,david,alex.graves,ioannis,daan,martin.riedmillerg @ deepmind.com Abstract We present the first deep learning model to successfully learn control policies di-rectly from high-dimensional sensory input using reinforcement learning. The model is a convolutional neural network, trained with a variant of Q-learning. B&P Water Technologies is an italian engineering company expertise in design, manufacturing and supply of a wide range of water treatment and potabilization plants, such as: - Seawater reverse osmosis plants - Seawater packaged desalination systems - Desalinisations plants powered by solar panel - Brackish water reverse osmosis plants.

Compliance - Equipment Qualification (IQ/OQ/PQ & DQ)
Microlab Technologies Equipment Qualification Services provide, at your location, the most efficient way to achieve and maintain compliance. In addition, we will provide full documentation by supplying reports on installation, of the operational and performance qualification of your equipment.

Your advantages:
• Issue of all certificates and documentation, 100% traceable
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• Test instruments qualified by UKAS accredited laboratories
• Compliance with GLP/GMP requirements
• Microlab Technologies risk Assessment

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Equipment Qualification (IQ/OQ/PQ& DQ): Definitions

There are three types of protocol that are used to validate instrument performance satisfies regulatory requirements.
IQ which refers to Instrument qualification is the pre-installation detail that the equipment, its component parts and location, are fit for the purpose and satisfy the objectives of the user to carry out the intended function to expected standards.
The IQ qualifies the equipment is installed correctly with tubing, fittings, syringes and valves connected appropriately
This Pre-qualification checks that all appropriate consumables relative to the agreed use, manufacturer’s documentation, conformity and calibration detail is present. Upon delivery the engineer will:

  • Confirm all components are delivered as ordered.
  • Review hazard and safety precautions for area of use including materials that may come into contact with the instrument and personnel
  • Install hardware including all tubing’s, syringes and valves.
  • Configure and install program application functions.
  • Conduct leak test.
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OQ which refers to Operations Qualification carried out by the manufacturer or supplier at installation or service interval to verify the performance criteria presented by the manufacturer, to confirm the instrument satisfies its agreed metrics, is valid in the working environment by verification against traceable references.
The engineer will:

  • Assure the system is functioning to acceptable limits by testing relevant instrument specification parameters and ranges as determined by Microlab Technologies Instrument Performance Validation protocol.
  • At the completion of the OQ all of the operational tests are documented, results validated, all relevant certificates completed and signed.
  • Once completed the engineer will provide instrument familiarisation training to confirm you are ready to run the instrument with confidence
  • The scheduling of service and calibration intervals which are then diarised automatically to assure testing at next interval

PQ which refers to the test or validation protocol carried out by the user, offering documentary evidence that the instrument is maintaining the agreed values.

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DQ or Document Qualification should comprehensively describe:

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  • The complete maintenance history, system history and inventory of components and documentation
  • Verification of components’ installation.
  • Performance verification of laboratory equipment for routine R&D, QA/QC, EPA, FDA and client compliance.

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AZDQ: Interactive data quality management tool.

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AZDQ is an interactive data quality management framework that allows users to specify thedata quality rules, attributes, entitlements and error thresholds as data is ingested into theApollo ecosystem. This tool will integrate with the centralized MDM application through API’s and will allows usersto specify data quality rules for new and existing data feeds.Core features include:
1. Rule Definition through interactive drag and drop UI
2. Basic and advanced data quality functions should be built into the tool. For e.g., datechecks, bounds, delimiters, error thresholds etc.
3. Rule Governance – Ability for supervisors to review and approve DQ rules
4. Ability to define both preventive (pre-ingestion) and detective (post-ingestion) rules fordata feeds
5. Ability to raise corrective action based on the outcomes of DQ checks including Accept/Reject/Suspend feed and Alert registered users
6. Attribute Profiling
7. Versioning and Entitlement
8. Volume based trending and predictive analytics9. Attribute Stats collection
10. Logging & Monitoring including:
a. Threshold breach and Job abends
b. Issue Management and Resolution
11. Subscription based alerts