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To access Kofax Capture on the web, connect to VPN and use the Kofax KFS web app.

Find Kofax Image Products Inc. (KOFX) IPO details including filing and offer dates, price, shares offered, shares outstanding, amount, underwriters and more. About Kofax Image Products Inc is located at the address 15211 Laguna Canyon Rd in Irvine, California 92618. Stay signed in Forgot your password? Create new account. Blue and pink vertical lines appear down the entire length of the image when scanning from a Canon DR-X10C with Canon OEM VRS 5.1.1010 Canon Scanners that qualify for OEM licensing from Canon OEM VRS View and Download Kofax Image Products VRS3 installation manual online. VRS3 Software pdf manual download. Also for: Virtualrescan 3.5, Vrs 3.5. If listed, remove the Scanner driver. Scroll down the list and click on your existing scanner driver; the driver name will appear as OneTouch 2.0/3.0/4.0 and/or as your scanner model (i.e. Visioneer Scanner, etc.) Click on the 'Change' or 'Remove' button. Follow the uninstall wizard through an automatic full uninstall (removal).

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Required Pre-Installation Steps

To upgrade or install Kofax Capture 10.2, you must have administrator rights on your computer. Contact your department tech support if you do not have administrator rights.

Before installing Kofax Capture 10.2 for Windows, you must follow the steps below. The application will not install and work correctly without meeting these security requirements. For questions about installing Kofax, create a ticket.

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  1. Add the specific user information to your department's Kofax Active Directory security group. This Active Directory group controls security to the batch classes. If you need more information about your department's Kofax AD group(s), create a ticket.
  2. Install the scanner and the native scanner drivers. You can verify that the scanner is compatible with Kofax Capture 10.2 by checking the Kofax Scanner Configuration Utility.
  3. The logged-in user must have “modify” level security to the C:Program Files (x86)Kofax directory to create and use the local runtime database Kofax uses during processing.
  4. The user account control found at Control PanelUser AccountsChange User Account Control settings has to be set to “Never notify.' Restart the computer to confirm the changes go into effect.
    Note: The User Account Control settings can be set back after installation if desired.
  5. Change the setting at Start/Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Local Security Policy/Local Policies/Security Options.
    • Set 'User Account Control: Virtualize file and registry write failures to per-user locations' to 'Disabled.' Click Apply.
    • Close the Local Security Policy and Administrative Tools windows.
    • Restart the computer to confirm the changes go into effect.
  6. Continue below with the instructions to install Kofax Capture 10.2 for Windows.

Installation Steps

Note: If you are departmental tech support, do not use a service account to install Kofax Capture 10.2. Use of a service account produces undesirable results.

  1. Using Windows File Explorer navigate to: kofaxCaptureSVWrkInst
  2. Right-click the file named Setup.exe and select 'Run as Administrator.'
  3. When the installer opens, it will detect a previous version of Kofax and prompt you to upgrade. You will receive a warning that the User Account Control may be enabled. Click Continue.
    Note: Make sure the User Account Control settings have been set to 'Never notify' in the pre-installation instructions.
  4. When the license agreement appears, check the box to accept. Click Next.
    Note: English is the default and will be used if you do not choose another language.
  5. Click Next to allow default local installation settings.
  6. Continue clicking Next and then click Install. Allow several minutes for the installation to complete. Click Finish.
  7. After the install, while not prompted to do so, you should restart the computer.
  8. Download and install SP1:
    1. Using Windows File Explorer navigate to: kofaxCaptureSVServicePack1
    2. Right-click the KofaxCapture-10.2.1_en.exe file and select 'Run as Administrator,' or in Windows 10, select 'More' and 'Run as Administrator.'
  9. Download and install the registry fix file:
    1. Using Windows File Explorer navigate to: kofaxCaptureSVRegistryFix
    2. For workstations with a 64-bit operating system, copy the file 'KofaxRegFix.reg.remove' to the desktop. Delete '.remove' from the end of the filename. Right-click the file and select Merge. This will update the registry settings.
      Note: If you have a 32-bit workstation, use the 32-bit version of the file.

To open the application:

  1. Search or select Kofax Capture 10.2 from the Windows Start menu.
  2. Right-click Batch Manager and select “Run as Administrator,' or in Windows 10, select 'More' and 'Run as Administrator.'
  3. Enter your UARK username and password. Press Enter.
    Note: Steps two and three are only necessary the first time you open Batch Manager.

If you have any questions about installing Kofax, create a ticket.

System Requirements and Recommendations


Drivers Kofax Image Products Inc

This application requires Windows versions 7, 8.1 or 10, with a 2.0GHz or greater processor. A dual core processor is recommended for increased performance. Other requirements include:

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  • Minimum screen resolution: 1024 x 768. Recommended screen resolution: 1280 x 1024 SVGA
  • Minimum internet speed: 1.5Mb/s. Recommended internet speed: 4.5Mb/s
  • Minimum memory: 2GB memory
  • Minimum disk space: 1GB disk space
  • NET 4.5 required