Drivers Megawin USB Devices

Connect the ME6000 device to the PC USB port and start MegaWin software. Open MegaWin program and choose the right COM port settings in System Setup. Please see chapter 3 for instructions. Download Megawin USB controller for Windows to uSB driver. Download Megawin USB controller for Windows to uSB driver. USB Mass Storage Device Realtek USB 2.0 Card Reader. USB Keyboard/Mouse/Joystick Full compatible with USB HID 1.1 standard to provide high compatibility with multi platforms, ex. Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. Low EMI and good EMC to ensure the final product is of good quality and shortens the development cycle to mass product. Select and hold (or right-click) the device and select Update driver software. From the context menu. In the wizard, select Browse my computer for driver software. Select Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer. From the list of device classes, select Universal Serial Bus devices. The wizard displays WinUsb Device. Select it to load the driver.

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Megawin MCU reverse engineer list:

MG82Fxx series:

MG82FE308 MG82FE308 MG82FE316 MG82FE316 MG82FE532 MG82FE532 MG82FE532 MG82FE532 MG82FE564 MG82FE564 MG82FE564 MG82FE564 MG82FL308 MG82FL308 MG82FL316 MG82FL316 MG82FL532 MG82FL532 MG82FL532 MG82FL532 MG82FL564 MG82FL564 MG82FL564 MG82FL564 ...

MG86Fxx series mcu code receovery:

MG86FE104AE20 MG86FE508AE20 MG86FL104 MG86FL508 MG86FE508AE28 ...

MG87Fxx series mcu code receovery:

MG87FE52AP MG87FL52AP MG87FE52AE MG87FL52AE MG87FL52AF MPC82L54AS3 MPC82E54AS3 MPC89E58A MG87FL52GE MG87FL52GF MG87FL52GP MG87FE52GE MG87FE52GF MG87FE52GP MG87FE6051AE20 MG87FE6051AS20 MG87FL2051AE20 MG87FL2051AS20 MG87FL4051AE20 MG87FL4051AS20 MG87FE6051 MG87FL6051 MG87FE2051AE20 MG87FE2051AS20 MG87FE4051AE20 MG87FE4051AS20 MG87FE2051 MG87FL2051 MG87FE4051 MG87FL4051 MG87FL6051AE20 MG87FL6051AS20 MG87FX2051A MG87FX4051A MG87FX52 MG87FX52YE MG87FX52YF MG87FX52YP MG87FX6051A MG87FXY051AE20 MG87FXY051AS20 ...

MPC82xxx MPC89xxx series mcu code receovery:


MPC89Xxx series:


MLxx series:

Please visit the MCU brands link below to see the IC list, however, it is quite impossible to list all the part numbers YourLogo can unlock here, and YourLogo is always researching new types of microcontrollers, but may not be able to update them here, if you do not find your chip type here, please contact us.

About Megawin:

Megavine is one of the largest manufacturers of medium voltage switchgear products in India. The company was founded in 1987 in the steel city of Salem, located in South India. Megavine Switchgear was born in Salem, India to a young and adventurous first generation entrepreneur. In 1990, with a modest infrastructure, the company isolated up to 36kA in a technical collaboration for load brake switches and off loads. The emergence of Megawin Switchgear began in 1993 as a manufacturer of VCB switchgears. In later years, a full range of medium voltage switchgear was developed from 3.3kV to 36kV. Today MegaVin claims to have the widest range of switchgear products in the industry, with all components manufactured in-house supported by a strong research and engineering team.
The company has integrated backward by developing a host of components such as dry type cast resin transformers, electromechanical and numerical relays, HV HRC fuses, spout bushings, support insulators CT, PT, etc., the result of all these events being fully complete. Was. -House effort driven by a passion for excellence. In Megawin, there was a halt of innovation operations. The focus and encouragement of management has resulted in the development of magnetically activated VCBs, auto reclosers, capacitor switches, current sensors, self power numerical relays, etc.
Megawin offers comprehensive medium voltage switchgear solutions that are designed, developed and fully type tested in accordance with relevant standards at independent recognized testing stations like KERI-Korea, CPRI-India, Sammer-India, ETDC-India.
They have five manufacturing units with its pan-India marketing network across India over 14 marketing offices and 60+ dealers and agents across the country. They have established a well-equipped infrastructure and state of the art facilities in terms of plant, machinery and testing.
Megawin uses cutting edge technology and is an organization that deploys > 30% of its spend on R&D and innovations.
Products by Megawin
Cortex_M0 - Standard
Base on ARM Cortex-M0 , it is developed with excellent noise immunity capability and excellent encryption technology of the traditional 8051 MCU. Built-in PWM function with center/edge-align and dead time control , flexible pin alternate function selection, multiple reset Resources, High speed I/O modules and fast comparators (ACMP) can be quickly imported and applied to complex Electrical Engineering control systems with multiple sets of high-speed peripheral hardware such as UART, SPI, I2C and CRC(Cyclic Redundancy Check). In addition, the External Memory Bus(EMB) module supports a variety of interface displays (TFT-LCD), which can be applied to small and medium-sized display panels such as automotive/education/industrial/medical/...etc. The maximum operating speed is 48 MHz, the Flash and SRAM capacities are 132KB/16KB and 72KB/8KB, respectively, and the operating voltage is 1.8 V~5.5 wide power supply. Megawin

Drivers Megawin Usb Devices Pc Camera

8051 MCU
  • 1T 8051 MCU - High-Performance 1T 8051 core. There are rich peripherals and complex I/O interface to fit most application. Such as ADC, PCA, multi-UART, SPI, TWSI.
  • 12T/6T 8051 MCU - The product series of STD 12-T 8051 include standard 8051 MCU which executes on 12T/6T cycle per one instruction. They are fully compatible to standard 8051 on function and pin-out.
  • Low Pin Count 8051 MCU - LPC 8051 MCU embeds the high-performance 1T 8051 core and provide the small form factor and cost effective solution for customer. The pin number is from 8-pin package to 32-pin package.
  • USB 8051 OTP MCU - High cost-effective MCU embeds the high-performance 1T 8051 core and USB interface. There are rich peripherals and complex I/O interface to fit most application. Such as UART, SPI, PCA and STWI.
USB Product
  • Full Speed MCU - USB 8051 MCU embeds the high-performance 1T 8051 core and USB interface, megawin also provides the complete developing environment by offering the Virtual COM and HID Library to simplify your design and shorten your time to market.
  • Low Speed Microcontroller - Our Certified USB product lines are 8 bit MCU core based ICs, which are optimized for various applications like USB key board, USB Joystick and USB Bridge. The device also provides the complete developing environment by offering HID Library to simplify your design and shorten your time to market.
  • USB Bridge - This product segment can support USB to transfer data or command to other interface, for example UART, I2C, SPI…etc., even GPIO or PWM control. Different USB Bridges can meet different product requirements. It has good compatibility and performance, reducing the requirement for design resources. It also provides easy-to-use development UI interface and library to reduce time to market.
  • USB Keyboard/Mouse/Joystick - Full compatible with USB HID 1.1 standard to provide high compatibility with multi platforms, ex. Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. Low EMI and good EMC to ensure the final product is of good quality and shortens the development cycle to mass product. This product segment includes Standard Keyboard, LED Gaming Keyboard, Multimedia device, Mice, Joystick and more.
  • Charge IC - Automatically detect different kinds of portable devices to provide high voltage, high current under faster and stable charge power.

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Drivers Megawin Usb Devices Adapter

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Drivers Megawin Usb Devices Wireless Adapter

Megawin Chip Code Extraction:

Drivers Megawin USB Devices

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Drivers Megawin Usb Devices Dongle

Universal Serial Bus (USB) provides an expandable, hot-pluggable Plug and Play serial interface that ensures a standard, low-cost connection for peripheral devices such as keyboards, mice, joysticks, printers, scanners, storage devices, modems, and video conferencing cameras. Migration to USB is recommended for all peripheral devices that use legacy ports such as PS/2, serial, and parallel ports.

The USB-IF is a Special Interest Groups (SIGs) that maintains the Official USB Specification, test specifications and tools.

Windows operating systems include native support for USB host controllers, hubs, and devices and systems that comply with the official USB specification. Windows also provides programming interfaces that you can use to develop device drivers and applications that communicate with a USB device.

USB in WindowsWindows 10: What's new for USB

Overview of new features and improvements in USB in Windows 10.


Frequently asked questions from driver developers about the USB stack and features that are supported in USB.

Microsoft OS Descriptors for USB Devices

Windows defines MS OS descriptors that allows better enumeration when connected to system running Windows operating system

Microsoft-provided USB driversUSB device-side drivers in Windows

A set of drivers for handling common function logic for USB devices.

USB host-side drivers in Windows

Microsoft provides a core stack of drivers that interoperate with devices that are connected to EHCI and xHCI controllers.

USB-IF device class drivers

Windows provides in-box device class drivers for many USB-IF approved device classes, audio, mass storage, and so on.

USB generic function driver–WinUSB

Windows provides Winusb.sys that can be loaded as a function driver for a custom device and a function of a composite device.

USB generic parent driver for composite devices–Usbccgp

Parent driver for USB devices with multiple functions. Usbccgp creates physical device objects (PDOs) for each of those functions. Those individual PDOs are managed by their respective USB function drivers, which could be the Winusb.sys driver or a USB device class driver.

WDF extension for developing USB drivers
  • USB connector manager class extension (UcmCx) reference
  • USB host controller (UCX) reference
  • USB function class extension (UFX) reference
Testing USB devices with Windows

Get information about the tools that you can use to test your USB hardware or software, capture traces of operations and other system events, and observe how the USB driver stack responds to a request sent by a client driver or an application.

Read an overview of tests in the Hardware Certification Kit that enable hardware vendors and device manufacturers to prepare their USB devices and host controllers for Windows Hardware Certification submission.

Other Resources for USB

Official USB Specification

Provides complete technical details for the USB protocol.

Microsoft Windows USB Core Team Blog

Check out posts written by the Microsoft USB Team. The blog focuses on the Windows USB driver stack that works with various USB Host controllers and USB hubs found in Windows PC. A useful resource for USB client driver developers and USB hardware designers understand the driver stack implementation, resolve common issues, and explain how to use tools for gathering traces and log files.

OSR Online Lists - ntdev

Discussion list managed by OSR Online for kernel-mode driver developers.

Windows Dev-Center for Hardware Development

Miscellaneous resources based on frequently asked questions from developers who are new to developing USB devices and drivers that work with Windows operating systems.

USB-related videos

UWP apps for USB devicesUnderstanding USB 3.0 in Windows 8Building great USB 3.0 devicesUSB Debugging Innovations in Windows 8 (Part I, II, & III)

USB hardware for learning

MUTT devices

MUTT and SuperMUTT devices and the accompanying software package are integrated into the HCK suite of USB tests. They provide automated testing that can be used during the development cycle of USB controllers, devices and systems, especially stress testing.

OSR USB FX2 Learning Kit

If you are new to USB driver development. The kit is the most suitable to study USB samples included in this documentation set. You can get the learning kit from OSR Online Store.

Write a USB client driver (KMDF, UMDF)

Introduces you to USB driver development. Provides information about choosing the most appropriate model for providing a USB driver for your device. This section also includes tutorials about writing your first user-mode and kernel-mode USB drivers by using the USB templates included with Microsoft Visual Studio.

Write a USB host controller driver

If you are developing an xHCI host controller that is not compliant with the specification or developing a custom non-xHCI hardware (such as a virtual host controller), you can write a host controller driver that communicates with UCX. For example, consider a wireless dock that supports USB devices. The PC communicates with USB devices through the wireless dock by using USB over TCP as a transport.

  • USB host controller (UCX) reference
Write a function controller driver for a USB device

You can develop a controller driver that handles all USB data transfers and commands sent by the host to the device. This driver communicates with the Microsoft-provided USB function controller extension (UFX).

USB function class extension (UFX) reference

Write a USB Type-C connector driver

Windows 10 introduces support for the new USB connector: USB Type-C. You can write a driver for the connector that communicates with the Microsoft-provided class extension module: UcmCx to handle scenarios related to Type-C connectors such as, which ports support Type-C, which ports support power delivery.

USB connector manager class extension (UcmCx) reference

Write a USB dual-role controller driver

USB Dual Role controllers are now supported in Windows 10. Windows includes in-box client drivers for ChipIdea and Synopsys controllers. For other controllers, Microsoft provides a set of programming interfaces that allow the dual-role class extension (UrsCx) and its client driver to communicate with each other to handle the role-switching capability of a dual-role controller.

For more information about this feature, see:

USB dual-role controller driver programming reference

Write a USB driver for emulated devices

Windows 10 introduces support for emulated devices. Now you can develop an emulated Universal Serial Bus (USB) host controller driver and a connected virtual USB device. Both components are combined into a single KMDF driver that communicates with the Microsoft-provided USB device emulation class extension (UdeCx).

Emulated USB host controller driver programming reference

Write a UWP app

Provides step-by-step instructions about implementing USB features in a UWP app. To write such an app for a USB device you need Visual Studio and Microsoft Windows Software Development Kit (SDK) .

Write a Windows desktop app

Describes how an application can call WinUSB Functions to communicate with a USB device.

WinUSB functions

Common programming scenarios

List of common tasks that a driver or an app performs in order to communicate with a USB device. Get quick info about the programming interfaces you need for each task.

USB samples

Development tools

Download kits and tools for Windows