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Tumble dryers ensure that you can always get your washing dry quickly – regardless of the weather. The textiles are nice and fluffy when they come out of the dryer and, with Miele, you can even add a suitable fragrance if desired. Miele tumble dryers ensure perfect results and save you time, while also reducing energy consumption to a minimum thanks to their intelligent technology.

  • As a hero product in Miele's latest Generation 7000 of major built-in cooking appliances, it has the potential to become one of the key drivers in its category. Miele’s intuitive M Touch controls feature a multi-coloured TFT display which provides full text information on all available functions and settings, and the operation is virtually.
  • Miele Service Discover our comprehensive support options if a repair is required, as well as other attractive service packages for your Miele appliances. We will be there for you.
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EcoDry technology

Savings for the life of your tumble dryer

Please enter the material number for the operating manual you are looking for here. Leave an impression at Miele as a university graduate. Talented university graduates are one of the most important drivers for Miele. They drive us forward as innovation and quality leaders, fuelling the divisions with fresh knowledge, energy and ideas.

The filter system and the maintenance-free heat exchanger keep energy consumption and run time low.

Maintenance-free heat exchanger

Reliable down to the last detail

Well protected: A filter protects the heat exchanger so it no longer requires cleaning.

Energy efficiency

Economical and environmentally friendly drying

Best performance with A+++ -10 %: highest efficiency, producing excellent results.
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Perfect Dry

Precise drying thanks to mineral sensors

Always perfectly dried: PerfectDry detects the mineral content of the water and modifies the drying process.
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Fragrant laundry just the way you like it.

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Freshness for all the senses: with Miele you not only have very bouncy, but also beautifully fragrant laundry.

Heat-pump technology

Economical and gentle

Also for delicate items: drying at low temperatures is economical and very gentle on textiles.


Save time and protect the environment

Double bonus: thanks to EcoSpeed, you can dry your laundry up to 20 minutes faster with optimum energy efficiency

Features depend on model – images are only examples and used for explanation purposes

Savings for the life of your tumble dryer


Heat-pump tumble dryers by Miele set worldwide standards for highest quality and reliability requirements. With the EcoDry technology you will save for the life of your tumble dryer because Miele keeps energy consumption and drying times on a low level for the entire life of your appliance.

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Responsibility for the future

Taking responsibility for our environment has been a tradition at Miele for more than 120 years. Our natural environment is the foundation of our existence, which we want to protect. This begins with the selection of materials, ensuring efficient production and ends, after a long service life, in environmentally friendly recycling.

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Experience a harmonious balance of fragrances

Fragrance flacons for tumble dryers - for a fresh, long-lasting fragrance experience - completely automatically.

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Reduced humidity protects you and your home

Miele dryers are in an efficiency class of their own: especially when it comes to moisture release. Thanks to our high-performance drying technology, very little moisture is released into the room air.

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