Drivers Proline Port Devices

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Drivers Proline Port Devices

The Ethernet switch device driver model (switchdev) is an in-kernel drivermodel for switch devices which offload the forwarding (data) plane from thekernel.

Figure 1 is a block diagram showing the components of the switchdev model foran example setup using a>FIB_EVENT_ENTRY_ADDused for both adding a new FIB entry to the device,or modifying an existing entry on the device.FIB_EVENT_ENTRY_DELused for removing a FIB entryFIB_EVENT_RULE_ADD,FIB_EVENT_RULE_DELused to propagate FIB rule changes


to add/modify/delete IPv4 dst/dest_len prefix on table tb_id. The *fistructure holds details on the route and route’s nexthops. *dev is oneof the port netdevs mentioned in the route’s next hop list.

Routes offloaded to the device are labeled with “offload” in the ip routelisting:

The “offload” flag is set in case at least one device offloads the FIB entry.

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Drivers Proline Port Devices

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XXX: add/mod/del IPv6 FIB API

Nexthop Resolution¶

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The FIB entry’s nexthop list contains the nexthop tuple (gateway, dev), but forthe switch device to forward the packet with the correct dst mac address, thenexthop gateways must be resolved to the neighbor’s mac address. Neighbor macaddress discovery comes via the ARP (or ND) process and is available via thearp_tbl neighbor table. To resolve the routes nexthop gateways, the drivershould trigger the kernel’s neighbor resolution process. See the rockerdriver’s rocker_port_ipv4_resolve() for an example.

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The driver can monitor for updates to arp_tbl using the netevent notifierNETEVENT_NEIGH_UPDATE. The device can be programmed with resolved nexthopsfor the routes as arp_tbl updates. The driver implements ndo_neigh_destroyto know when arp_tbl neighbor entries are purged from the port.