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Hella Gutmann Port Devices Driver DownloadHella Gutmann Port Devices Driver Download

The UDP30 interface enables communications between a PC and any device equipped with a DUP port. The DUP port is a proprietary interface, developed by LAM Technologies, designed in order to simplify the configuration of its own products and to allow a fast reading, and in real time, of device status and diagnostic information. Printing with Standard PC Printer Here you can set the standard printer for printing with the PC on which the mega macs PC software is installed. For this, the mega macs PC software must forward the data to be printed to the Hella Gutmann Drivers. Then the Hella Gutmann Drivers sends the data to the standard printer of the system.


The Hella Gutmann app combined with the pre-installed apps of your choice makes your tablet a fantastic
allrounder. You can diagnose and communicate, retrieve additional information from the web to your workstation, monitor your time management and much more, using just a single device. After concluding the licence agreement, you will receive the Bluetooth VCI which mega macs ONE uses to communicate with the vehicle. You will also be able to download Hella Gutmann 'mega macs ONE‘ app. Once installed on the tablet, you can use it on an unlimited basis. All the diagnostic functions available on the mega macs ONE are the same as those on conventional mega macs diagnostic tools. These range from displaying the OBD interface in the vehicle, to reading/deleting trouble codes, resetting service intervals, parameter depictions (up to 16 at the same time), basic settings and actuator tests.

Hella-Gutmann tester with current software, if necessary with camera & sensor calibration tool (CSC tool - adjusting tool for driver assistance systems) User list of Hella-Gutmann testers for VW Passat B8; Other activation devices may be suitable.

Hella Gutmann Port Devices Driver Downloads

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Hella Gutmann Port Devices Driver Download

mega macs ONE also offers up-to-date customisation options, such as landscape and portrait screen mode, changing both alarm duration when leaving the VCI wireless range and recording duration of measured values. As is the case with our conventional mega macs diagnostic devices, you also have the option
of booking regular updates and services for mega macs ONE and contacting the Technical Help Line for assistance with diagnostic tasks.