Ids Imaging Development USB Devices Driver Download

  1. Below, we are sharing the links to USB drivers for most of the popular Android device manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Sony, Google, HTC, Motorola, Dell, etc. These USB drivers are safe to use as they are from their respective manufacturers. All the links are valid and official. We recommend you to download the latest USB drivers.
  2. IDS 120 Full FDRS 26.5.5 FDRS Vehicle List - North America: Step 2: Download VCI Software Then Install VCI Software: VCI Software VCI Firmware What's New - contains Details on this new software. Step 3: Download Diagnostic Software Updates (if available) Then Run Diagnostic Software Updates: Update IDS 120.06: See IDS Update Release.
  3. Device Drivers: Device Driver for USB Cameras: 2.9.8: August 22, 2019: Software Development Kits (SDKs) IC Imaging Control C Class Library for C projects.
  1. Ids Imaging Development Usb Devices Driver Download Win 10
  2. Ids Imaging Development Usb Devices Driver Download Windows 7
General behavior
Dynamic range8bit
Video formats @ frame rate (maximum)1,024×768(0.8MP) Y800 @ 30fps
Interface (optical)
IR cut filter
Sensor typeCCD
Sensor specification Sony ICX204AL
Format1/3 inch
Pixel sizeH: 4.65µm, V: 4.65µm
Lens mountC/CS
Interface (electrical)
InterfaceUSB 2.0 (forwards compatible)
Supply voltage4.5VDC to 5.5VDC
Current consumptionapprox500mA @ 5VDC
Auto iris control
Interface (mechanical)
DimensionsH: 50.6mm, W: 50.6mm, L: 56mm
Shutter1/10,000 s to 30 s
White balance-2dB to 6dB
Temperature (operating)-5°C to 45°C
Temperature (storage)-20°C to 60°C
Humidity (operating)20% to 80%(non-condensing)
Humidity (storage)20% to 95%(non-condensing)
Subject to change.
Whitepapers about Cameras
Industrial Cameras: Spectral Sensitivity1.30November 15, 2017
Dimensional Diagrams
Dimensional Diagrams for 21, 22, 23, 24, 42, 72, Autofocus and Zoom Series1.14December 15, 2017
Datasheets for CCD Sensors
Datasheet for Sony ICX204AL CCD Sensor1.2September 15, 2012
Subject to change.
Ids Imaging Development USB Devices Driver Download

Download the latest drivers, firmware, and software for your HP Pavilion g6-1a52nr Notebook PC.This is HP’s official website that will help automatically detect and download the correct drivers free of cost for your HP Computing and Printing products for Windows and Mac operating system. During device enumeration, the USB driver stack reads the compatible ID from the device. If the compatible ID is 'WINUSB', Windows uses it as the device identifier and finds a match in the updated in-box Winusb.inf, and then loads Winusb.sys as the device's function driver.

Device Drivers
Device Driver for USB Cameras2.9.8August 22, 2019
Software Development Kits (SDKs)
IC Imaging Control C++ Class Library for C++ projects3.5.6October 27, 2020
IC Imaging Control .NET Component for C# and VB.NET projects.3.5.6October 27, 2020
IC 3D SDK - C, C++ library for stereo depth estimation1.1August 15, 2018
IC Imaging Control C Library3.4.0.51November 23, 2017
IC Imaging Control ActiveX3.2.0.0July 16, 2012
IC Imaging Control ActiveX Runtime Setup3.2.0.0July 16, 2012
Programming Samples
IC Barcode - 1D and 2D barcode reader for IC Imaging Control1.1.0.695January 30, 2020
IC Imaging Control - Sample Library3.3August 21, 2014
TWAIN Source for IC Imaging Control3.0.0.143April 15, 2020
LabVIEW Extension for IC Imaging Control3.4.0.41September 6, 2019
Cognex VisionPro AIK Plugin for IC Imaging Control3.4.2.0July 24, 2019
IC NeuroCheck Driver for NeuroCheck 28, 2018
IC Matlab Plugin for Matlab R2013b and higher versions3.4.0.58November 23, 2017
IC NeuroCheck Driver for NeuroCheck 29, 2014
IC Matlab Plugin for Matlab 10.0 R20101.1.0.0July 29, 2013
End User Software
IC Capture - image acquisition2.5.1547.4007February 10, 2021
IC Measure - manual on-screen image measurement and image acquisition2.0.0.245March 10, 2020
IC Express1.1.0.23July 24, 2019
IC 3D - User friendly stereo calibration, depth estimation and 3D visualization1.1August 15, 2018
Scan2Docx1.1.0.883February 3, 2015
Scan2Docx OCR1.1.0.883February 3, 2015
Footswitch software for IC Capture1.0.0.9September 22, 2014
IC Line Profiler1.1.0.9August 1, 2014
IC Fullscreen Presenter1.0.0.0June 6, 2014
Software Tools
Hot Pixel Correction4.0.July 25, 2019
Processor Idle State Manager2.2.0.2March 12, 2014
Subject to change.


  • Guidelines for choosing the right programming model
  • UWP app and desktop app developer experience

Important APIs

This topic provides guidelines for deciding whether you should write a UWP app or a Windows desktop app to communicate with a USB device.

Windows provides API sets that you can use to write apps that talk to a custom USB devices. The API performs common USB-related tasks such as, finding the device, data transfers.

'Custom device' in this context means, a device for which Microsoft does not provide an in-box class driver. Instead, you can install WinUSB (Winusb.sys) as the device driver.

Choosing a programming model

If you install Winusb.sys, here are the programming model options:

  • Windows 8.1 provides a new namespace: Windows.Devices.Usb. The namespace cannot be used in earlier version of Windows. Other Microsoft Store resources are here: UWP app.

  • Before Windows 8.1, apps that were communicating through Winusb.sys, were desktop apps written by using WinUSB Functions. In Windows 8.1, the API set has been extended. Other Windows desktop app resources are here: Windows desktop app.

The strategy for choosing the best programming model depends on various factors.

  • Will your app communicate with an internal USB device?

    The APIs are primarily designed for accessing peripheral devices. The API can also access PC internal USB devices. However access to PC internal USB devices from a UWP app is limited to a privileged app that is explicitly declared in device metadata by the OEM for that PC.

  • Will your app communicate with USB isochronous endpoints?

    If your app transmits data to or from isochronous endpoints of the device, you must write a Windows desktop app. In Windows 8.1, new WinUSB Functions have been added to the API set that allow a desktop app to send data to and receive data from isochronous endpoints.

  • Is your app a 'control panel' type of app?

    UWP apps are per-user apps and do not have the ability to make changes outside the scope of each app. For these types of apps, you must write a Windows desktop app.

  • Is the USB device class supported classes by UWP apps?

    Write a UWP app if your device belongs to one these device classes.

    • name:cdcControl, classId:02 * *
    • name:physical, classId:05 * *
    • name:personalHealthcare, classId:0f 00 00
    • name:activeSync, classId:ef 01 01
    • name:palmSync, classId:ef 01 02
    • name:deviceFirmwareUpdate, classId:fe 01 01
    • name:irda, classId:fe 02 00
    • name:measurement, classId:fe 03 *
    • name:vendorSpecific, classId:ff * *

    Note If your device belongs to DeviceFirmwareUpdate class, your app must be a privileged app.

If your device does not belong to one the preceding device classes, write a Windows desktop app.

Driver requirement

Driver requirementUWP appWindows desktop app
Function driverMicrosoft-provided Winusb.sys (kernel-mode driver).Microsoft-provided Winusb.sys (kernel-mode driver).
Filter driverIf filter drivers are present, access is limited to privileged apps. The app is declared as privileged apps in device metadata by the OEM.Filter driver can be present in the kernel mode device stack as long as it doesn't block access to Winusb.sys.

Code samples

SampleUWP appWindows desktop app
Get started with these samples
  • Start with the WinUsb Application template included with Microsoft Visual Studio (Ultimate or Professional)
  • Extend the template by using code examples shown in How to Access a USB Device by Using WinUSB Functions.

Development tools

Ids Imaging Development Usb Devices Driver Download Win 10

Development toolsUWP appWindows desktop app
Developer environment

Microsoft Visual Studio 2013

Microsoft Windows Software Development Kit (SDK) for Windows 8.1

Use WinUSB Application template included with Visual Studio (Ultimate or Professional) and Windows Driver Kit (WDK) 8

Note For isochronous transfers, Visual Studio 2013 with Windows Driver Kit (WDK) 8.1
Programming languagesC#, VB.NET, C++, JavaScriptC/C++

Feature implementation

Ids Imaging Development Usb Devices Driver Download Windows 7

Key scenarioUWP appWindows desktop app
Device discoveryUse Windows.Devices.Enumeration](/uwp/api/Windows.Devices.Enumeration)'>Windows.Devices.Enumeration namespace to get a UsbDevice](/uwp/api/Windows.Devices.Usb.UsbDevice)'>UsbDevice.Use SetupAPI functions and WinUsb_Initialize](/windows/win32/api/winusb/nf-winusb-winusb_initialize)'>WinUsb_Initialize to get a WINUSB_INTERFACE_HANDLE.
USB control transfer
Getting USB descriptorsWinUsb_GetDescriptor](/windows/win32/api/winusb/nf-winusb-winusb_getdescriptor)'>WinUsb_GetDescriptor
Sending USB bulk transfer
Sending USB interrupt transfer
Sending USB isochronous transferNot supported.
Closing the deviceUsbDevice.Close](/uwp/api/Windows.Devices.Usb.UsbDevice#Windows_Devices_Usb_UsbDevice_Close)'>UsbDevice.CloseWinUsb_Free](/windows/win32/api/winusb/nf-winusb-winusb_free)'>WinUsb_Free


DocumentationUWP appWindows desktop app
Programming guideTalking to USB devices, start to finishHow to Access a USB Device by Using WinUSB Functions
API referenceWindows.Devices.UsbWinUSB Functions

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