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For many employees the physical work environment ranks among one of the top factors that influence their decisions to join a company. And with a global war for talent intensifying, the workplace can be a strategic asset that distinguishes an organisation as an exceptional employer.

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Linda Trim, director at Giant Leap, says: “As workplaces look to attract the best and brightest, companies are turning to design to help differentiate their work environment, focusing on an increased understanding of what employees really need to make them happy and engaged at work.”

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Designing a magnetic workplace

How can workplace designers create a magnetic workplace that attracts employees?

Says Trim: “The most important principle is that the office space should make people feel really good.” Landscapes, nature views or the introduction of plants in the office strongly impact productivity because there is a powerful bond between humans and the natural world referred to as Biophilia. Studies have shown that being surrounded by nature improves both physical and mental health.

Feel good spaces should also be tactile and have ample daylight. Living walls, or biowalls, combined with natural materials bring a sense of the outside into the work environment.

Office appeal and productivity can also be improved by offering a variety of interior settings that allow employees to choose where they want to work that day based on the mode of work required.

“For example, in the morning, workers could gather in a cafe style area for coffee and informal interaction. In the afternoon, they can move to a gathering place designed for teamwork or to a privacy ‘hive’ for focused work,” says Trim.

Magnetic workplaces support the unique roles, work styles, and personalities of each individual, and provide a range of space types, furnishings, and multi-functional common areas that draw people in and keep them wanting to come back to the office.

The coming challenge for design

Telecommuting offers employees an alternative to working in a traditional office. This trend, combined with the number of hours people now spend online, means individuals are interacting in vastly different ways than they once were.

Remote work is likely to become ever more the norm. The designing challenge therefore is to create a space that attracts employees back to the office.

Mapletronic Driver Download

“A magnetic workplace will be defined as one that is so appealing that employees who might otherwise work remotely from home or in a coffee shop, choose to come and spend their day at work,” says Trim.

There are already examples of this in co-working spaces which blur the lines between office and social venue.

“Knowing that our future workplaces present a greater emphasis on virtual communication, workplace designers will be challenged to create physical spaces that encourage face-to-face interaction and speak to our innate need for human connection. Many view the workplace as a second home, so employees will be drawn to magnetic workplaces offering comfortable environments where they can work, socialise, and simply be themselves,” Trim concludes.


The July meeting is going to be a ‘reversed blast’. In a 4th of July firecracker, when you light the fuse it blows into pieces. We are going to take pieces and put them back into a computer. All of the parts have been donated to EPCUG from members or local companies. We in turn will be donating the finished computer to the Goshen Boys and Girls Club.

This will include discussions on the following items:

Mapletronics Driver Download Windows 10

1. How to handle the motherboard and installing it into the case the correct way.
2. Adding memory to the computer, ‘how to’ and ‘how not to’ do it.
3. Identification of the computer cards and what is the card’s bus type.
4. Do you need an I/O Card or not?
5. Hard drive and Floppy drive installation into the computer.
6. Formatting the hard drive and installing the Operating system.

As much as possible, we are going to ask people from the membership to come up and help us do this assembly. This is a chance for you to “get your hand inside the box.”

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Those of us who have been working with computers for years forget how scared we were the first time we took the case off the computer. People sometimes believe that if they touch anything it will quit working. Every couple of years we need to give the new people a chance to peer inside the beast.

We are still trying to confirm if a member of the Goshen Boys and Girls Club will be there to receive the computer. If they cannot, we will make sure that they receive it.


MapleTronics of Goshen will be giving a demonstration on Microsoft Office Pro 97. There are many new features that make the new Office Pro 97 even more powerful than before.

The biggest change in it is the new program Outlook. This is like an electronic office manager. You can use it to schedule your meetings, get your Email, and keep track of your address book. It has a feature that is good for people who know when they worked on something, but not what the name of the file is. Outlook can track every Office Pro 97 document you work on and put it in a time line calendar.

Since this should be a hot meeting, please plan to be there early to get the best seats.


This meeting is one you need to see. The Northern Indiana Independent Living (NIILS) will be showing how they use computers to help blind or visually disabled people live an independent life. This is everything from large monitors, enlargement of text in books, to speech processors that let a blind person see. Charley Adams will be one of our presenters.

Mapletronics Driver Download Windows 7

Hope to see you as often as possible at the meetings. Bring your questions, someone may have the answer for you from out membership.