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Warning: This page is for Windows 7 only. Do not install the serial driver on Windows 8 or newer; serial ports work out of the box with these versions.

The mbed serial port works by default on mac and linux, but windows needs a driver mbed usb serial driver download. The mbed is recognized by the computer as a serial port. I ve tried, and failed. Teensy is a complete usb-based microcontroller development system, in a very small footprint, capable of implementing many types of projects. The AD5933 Mbed support software (also supports AD5934) can be used as a starting point for developing your own code for Analog Devices AD5933 products in your own environment utilizing the benefits of the Mbed platform. Analog Devices is an MBED Partner and develops code on the platform for multiple products.


You can connect your board to your computer over USB. This works out of the box on Linux and macOS. If you are using Windows, you may need to install a serial port driver:

  1. Download the Arm Mbed Windows serial port driver (Windows 7 only).
  2. Plug in your Arm Mbed device over USB. It mounts as an Mbed drive.
  3. Close all Explorer windows showing the Mbed drive.
  4. Run the installer. This may take some time or display a few 'unsigned driver' warnings.
Mbed cdc driver

Mbed Driver


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If you have multiple Mbed devices but the serial port only appears for one of them: Make sure you run the installer for every device (plug in the device over USB and run the installer again); Windows loads the driver based on the serial number, so it needs to be run for each device individually.

Mbed Driver

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If the installer fails because No mbed Microcontrollers were found: Check your device is plugged in properly over USB.

If the installer reports the message mbedWinSerial_nnnnn.exe is not a valid Win32 application: If you downloaded the installer using Internet Explorer, please try a different browser (Firefox, Chrome).

Mbed Serial Driver Mac

If the installer appears to hang: Check if Windows is displaying an 'unsigned driver/permission' window; these often get hidden behind other windows with nothing to indicate so in the taskbar. The installer will continue to run as soon as you click OK.