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  • World's #1 Interactive Sensor Technology. Cybernetyx EyeRIS® is the highest-selling interactive vision technology in the world today reaching over 15M users. Inspired by workings of the human eye, EyeRIS® technology converts any flat surface such as a projection wall or LED screen into a full-fledged multitouch display via a portable camera sensor unit using powerful image processing.
  • Driver for USB Blaster on Arria10 SOC DevKit will not load on Windows 10. By Bonf New User in Programmable Devices.

INP Computer Technology Private Limited- the Company is young, founded in the year of 2011 and actively engaged in the manufacturing of wide range of Thin Clients and cloud based computing technology to enhance the virtualization environment. Thin Clients manufacturing and device management is our core strength.

CASCADEMIC is an End-to-End Industrial IoT Solution provider with focus on Energy Monitoring, MODBUS & IIoT Gateways and Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

PLC monitoring, Vessel Monitoring and Welding Machine Monitoring solutions


Energy monitoring, Advanced Tower Monitoring and Transformer Monitoring Solutions

Green IoT

Environment monitoring Solutions for a Greener Planet



CASCADEMIC participates in Startup & Investor fest

Onchip Technologies India Pvt Input Devices Driver Download

CASCADEMIC participates in the IBM Hackathon Event


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Local Display Adapter Railway Battery Monitoring




  • CASCADEMIC is in the top 40 of Startupbootcamp Energy Australia Program



Onchip Technologies India Pvt Input Devices Drivers

CASCADEMIC, an Industrial IoT solutions provider specializes in providing turnkey IoT Solutions. Our focus is to help our customers by taking responsibility of design and manufacturing, providing comprehensive technical support over the product life cycle and solution integration.

Onchip Technologies India Pvt Input Devices Driver

CASCADEMIC has built strong expertise in sensor Nodes and Gateways over the years. With support for modular wireless technologies, we empower customers and partners by providing integrated solutions in the emerging IoT Industry across the globe.


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