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P&P Trucking LLC operates well maintained, top quality, conventional tractors that any owner/operator would be proud to drive. Every driver is professionally trained and certified in hazardous material regulations and each piece of equipment is properly maintained to keep our professional drivers and the people they share the roads with safe. Paul and Penni Paul’s Background Started as an apprentice chippy when he left school. Went from there to learning his building skills. He has been in the construction industry in several different ways. He had a large digger and driver company back in the 70’s and 80’s, with approximately 30 people working for him. Nov 02, 2015 Update Driver Software to update the driver of the selected USB controller. On the displayed box, click Search automatically for updated driver software to make the Windows to search for the updated driver from the Internet. Uninstall to uninstall the driver.Then, restart your computer and Windows will reinstall all USB controllers automatically. Barr Property and Planning were approached by The Formula Company in 2015 to assist in seeking planning approval for a driver training facility that would be open to the public as well as a membership base.

Phil Hoffine Trucking was started in 1973 with 1 truck & 1 trailer, mainly delivering agricultural products to mills in the local southwestern Michigan area. After a conversation with Pastor John at the then TRCF now Riverside Church in Three Rivers Michigan, P & P Transportation (Phil & Pam Hoffine) was incorporated in 1977, its first customer was Fibre Converters in Three Rivers Michigan and has since grown into one of the largest trucking companies in southern Michigan with 20 tractors, 95 trailers and 35 total employees. P&P became a licensed common carrier with authority to haul goods anywhere in the united states in 1980. We are also a licensed freight BROKER with the authority to tender loads to other trucking companies.


We’re in the service business, we don’t produce anything so what the customer wants the customer gets.

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This photograph show David Hughes, the driver of the Great Western Railway (GWR) train that carried the body of Queen Victoria from Paddington to Windsor on 2 February 1901.

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Finding the record of this particular David Hughes is not easy. Railway staff records held at The National Archives are notoriously difficult to use as there are no comprehensive indexes of the names of the employees of any particular company. There are 110 registers of drivers and firemen who worked for the GWR between 1841 and 1941 and these contain the records of seven-named David Hughes. A process of elimination shows that the entry below is the most likely candidate for the driver of Queen Victoria's funeral train.

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His staff records show that Hughes was born in 1844 and joined the GWR as an engine cleaner, based at Chester, in 1864. By 1866 he had been promoted to fireman, on 3s a day, and his pay nearly doubled to 5s 6d when he moved to Corwen in North Wales in 1873 as an engineman. A transfer to Southall in London in 1884 brought promotion to engineman 2nd class, and, by 1889, Hughes had reached the top of his profession as an engineman 1st class, based at Paddington station, on the princely salary of 8s a day. He returned to Corwen in 1903 and retired in 1906, when he was awarded a £40 gratuity. Staff registers also include medical history and a detailed record of any reprimands or fines made and any commendations received.

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