Pc-pos Driver Download For Windows

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  • Download the latest version of Double Driver for Windows. Create a security copy ofyour drivers. Sometimes, the task of updating your drivers can be very difficult.
  • The Windows Hardware Lab Kit (Windows HLK) is a test framework used to test hardware devices for Windows 10 and all versions of Windows Server starting with Windows Server 2016. To qualify for the Windows Hardware Compatibility Program, your product must pass certain tests using the Windows HLK.

Download Acer support drivers by identifying your device first by entering your device serial number, SNID, or model number.


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Why does this site look so crappy? & Now on Facebook. - - - DHPOS book ripoff?

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Pc-pos Driver Download For Windows Xp

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For single computers or Networks
Convert any PC into a cash register.
Version 7.1j
Ages 5 to Adult.
File size = 2.7 Meg. Bytes.
File name = POS71J.EXE
Run command = POS
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Pc-pos Driver Download For Windows 8.1

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Where is Cash Register being used? Below is a list of countries from which I have received email from users.

Costa Rica
Domican Republic
Hong Kong
Marshall Islands
Mariana Islands
Mauritius Island
New Zealand
Papua New Guinea
San Salvador
Sierra Leone
Sri Lanka
South Africa
United Arab Emirates
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This is a complete Point of sale software / Cash register program.

This is not just the stand alone version it is for networks too..

This is not a demo version that you try out.

This is not a trial version that will quit working.

This is not a crippled version that is missing features.

This is not an evaluation version to see if you like it.

You do not need to be connected to the internet to use this software.

This program does not store anything in the cloud.

There is no monthly / yearly fee that you will be asked to pay.

There is no shipping or handling charge, just download it.

This is not shareware, it is totally FREE.

There is nothing for sale here.

If you download this file you will receive a complete point of sale software / cash register programthat will work on any PC computer running any version of DOS or Windows. It is a DOS program.(Trust me, your money doesn't care.) It will work with almost any receipt printer or regularcomputer printer. It will work without a printer but then you can't print receipts.

You can use a scanner to read stock numbers. It will pop open a cash drawer attached to a receipt printer or some serial cash drawers. (NOTE: Serial cash drawers are not recommended.)

It will ring up to 200 lines per sale. It will track up to 26,000 different items for a medium sized retail business or with almost no setup use in 'minimal mode' for a garage sale, flea market, snack bar.

For a complete description: Online version of POS user'sguide.

Screen shot of a sale being rung up.Note: While only 10 lines appear on the screen the maximum number of lines is 200.

Here is a sample post I have been receiving lately from folks that check the box to be included in the list of registered users and later complain that they never receive any information on bug fixes and new features.Yes folks, if you do not type in your email address I have no way to enter it in to the list of registered users. Go figure.

If you wish to help spread the word about this Cash Register program you can post a link on yourwebsite to here.

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download free, software to turn any PC computer into a Cash Register.

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New photo 5-13-19
Acutal photos of actual computers actually running Cash Register inactual stores, actually.
Who is using this program?
Ammunition Store
Animal Grooming
Art Supply House
Bird Farm
Bar & Grill
Bicycle Sales
Beach Resort
Bent & dent grocery store
Brooms and Books, Metaphysical and Gaming
Business Advertising Products
The Canteen' Camp Store of All Island Basketball Camp
Christian Book & Gift store
Camera Store
Car wash
Candle & Gifts
Cell phone store
Cigar shop - Tabac Cuban Cigars, Toronto CA
Clothing store.
Coffee Shop
Allenenterprises Computer Outlet, ComputerService, Networking, Printing, etc.
Computer sales and service
Computer School
Computer Systems
Costume jewelry store
Craft Store
Cyber cafe
DJ Service
Dollar Store
Electronic spares store
Emergency preparedness items
Exhibition sales counter
Flea market
Formal dress shop
Furniture store
Gift / Novelty
Hair Salon
Hardware store
High school text book store
Home casino equipment
Hotel--bar and restaurant
Internet Cafe
Liquor Store Bar & Grill
Luggage store
Lumber yard
Media- Video games
Mobile & Modular Home Supplies
Moped Rentals
Museum admission
Music House Inc. Chicago, IL - Learn to play
Non-profit thrift store
Park & Gift Shop
PC repair, sales
Pet Boutique
Pet supply store
Photographic Studio and Museum
Plumbing & Supply store
Radio control vehicle repair
Record store
Recording Studio
Retail electronic spares shop
School gym fees
School Uniform Shop
Scrapbook Apparel & Supplies
Sewing Machines Sales & Service - Notions Fabrics
Silver & Crafts
Snack bar
Sporting Good's
Sports snack bar
Sommerstua, Summer café, Lampeland, Norway
Taekwondo Academy
Toys & Games
Vacuums / A - Plus Vacuum, Sherman, TX
Vocational Training and Education
Window Cleaning
Yard sale
Want a FREE link to your shop?
It's a gameIt's for real
This software can be used in a classroom setting.
Set up your own classroom store.

Have your students take turns being the sales clerks while the rest are customers. Make upyour own 'money' or use Monopoly money. Practice buying things at a store, counting or makingchange.

My daughter has used this program to be the 'cashier' at our annual home grarage salessince she was 7 years old.

This program comes with a minimal set up and can be used as soon as downloaded (andunzipped) as a generic store.

This program can also be used for school money. Book orders, late fines in the library, snackshop at basketball games, book sales, carnivals, fund raisers.

This program can be runintermittently, turn it on or off at will and it will still keep track of sales. When you want to use acash register, load the program, when you want to use the computer for something else, exit theprogram. When you load this program again it will be just like you never exited, all your sales willbe there.

This software can be used to run an actual business.
This program is a 'look and feel' copy of cash register software that I used at my department in anationwide department store chain for over 6 years. The original program was used to ring upmillions of actual sales involving millions of real dollars.

It can be set up to track up to 26,000 different stock items in 256 catagories from 256different vendors with 10 different tax rates. It will track the sales of 56 separate employees. It willkeep track of quantities in stock.

You can perform any common register function. Purchases, voids, refunds, no sales. It willkeep track of, and recall, the last 10,000 sales. It will print out sales reports at the end of the day.

It will run on any IBM or compatable computer and print receipts from almost any printer. Itcan be used in 'cigar box' mode where your cash drawer is a cash box or if you wish to laterpurchase a receipt printer/cash drawer from a third party it can easily be programed to open thecash drawer at the end of the transaction.

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The Windows Hardware Lab Kit (Windows HLK) is a test framework used to test hardware devices for Windows 10 and all versions of Windows Server starting with Windows Server 2016. To qualify for the Windows Hardware Compatibility Program, your product must pass certain tests using the Windows HLK.

This guide provides information about the tests that are included in the Windows Hardware Lab Kit, and instructions on how to build a test environment, automate driver and system testing, and create a submission package required to participate in the Windows Hardware Compatibility Program.

If you’re developing for Windows 10 or qualified versions of Windows Server, you must use the correct version of the HLK, as listed in the following table. Using the correct kit helps you ensure that the drivers and the system you develop are certified as compatible with Windows 10 or Windows Server.


Certify using the Virtual HLK (VHLK)! The VHLK is the entire Hardware Lab Kit pre-installed and pre-configured on a VHDX, ready to boot as a virtual machine. Use the VHLK to save setup time, quickly stand up a controller, and run Windows Hardware Certification from a virtual machine.

To certify...Download...
Windows 10, version 20H2
Windows 10, version 2004
Windows HLK, version 2004 or
Windows Virtual HLK (VHLK), version 2004
Windows 10, version 1909
Windows 10, version 1903
Windows HLK, version 1903 or
Windows Virtual HLK (VHLK), version 1903
Windows 10, version 1809 or Windows Server 2019Windows HLK, version 1809 or
Windows Virtual HLK (VHLK), version 1809
Windows 10, version 1803Windows HLK, version 1803
Windows 10, version 1709Windows HLK, version 1709
Windows 10, version 1703
Windows 10, version 1607
Windows HLK, version 1703
Windows 10, version 1511
Windows 10, version 1507
Windows Server 2016
Windows HLK, version 1607
Pc-pos Driver Download For Windows


Windows HLK only supports testing on Windows 10, Windows Server 2016, and Windows Server 2019 systems. For testing previous versions of Windows, use the Hardware Certification Kit for Windows 8.1.

Windows Hardware Compatibility Program

To qualify for the Windows Hardware Compatibility Program, your product must pass certain tests using the Windows HLK.For guidance on which kit to use for compatibility certification, see the Windows Hardware Compatibility Program and the Windows Hardware Certification Blog.


Certification for Windows Server 2016, Azure Stack, SDDC, and later versions of these programs and qualifications must meet the Windows Hardware Compatibility Requirements as stated in the respective version of the documentation; must use the corresponding version of the HLK with matching playlist and supplemental content to generate logs; and must follow policies as stated in the Windows Server Policy document. Questions about the Azure Stack, SDDC programs, or how to submit the results for solution validation should be directed to the appropriate Microsoft technical account manager or partner management contact.

Download Windows Hardware Compatibility playlist

Get the official Windows Hardware Compatibility playlist so you can run the Windows HLK tests that ensure your hardware meets the requirements for compatibility with Windows 10 and Windows Server.

Watch the WinHEC video on HLK Playlists to learn more.

Download Windows HLK Filters

When there is a problem in either a Windows HLK test or in the operating system itself that causes certification tests to fail incorrectly, we create an errata that allows partners to bypass the problematic test. Most errata use filters to automatically filter the failure from the submission results. Filters are applied within Windows HLK Studio.

Download Windows HLK Supplemental Test Content

Supplemental Content for Media, Graphics, Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF), and Private Cloud Simulator Tests

Supplemental test content downloads are required for some tests related to graphics, media, and mean time between failures (MTBF). Download these files to complete Windows HLK testing in these areas.

Required downloads for tests that use supplemental content:




Starting with Windows HLK, version 2004, the HLK_GRFX_FOD package is no longer needed for Graphics testing. It is still required for testing previous versions of Windows (Windows 10 , versions 1909 and earlier).


Download HLK Offline Documentation

This documentation is also available in .chm format for offline use.