Roccat Input Devices Driver

  1. First, download the latest roccat driver for windows 7 and unzip/unpack if necessary second, navigate to the windows 7 install folder and right click on setup.exe and choose properties third, select the compatibility tab at the top tab section.
  2. ROCCAT Apuri Quick Installation Guide Asia was collected from ROCCAT official site for ROCCAT Input Device. In order to ensure the right driver download, Official driver links from ROCCAT are listed at first. If the official driver can not be downloaded, a copy of official driver can be provided at local server
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  1. Roccat Input Devices Driver Updater
  2. Roccat Input Devices Drivers
  3. Roccat Input Devices Driver Touchpad
  4. Roccat Input Devices Driver

There are some repos out there that distribute binary packages:


Download Keyboard & Mouse drivers for Windows, firmware, bios, tools, utilities. See Also: Roccat Horde Drivers Software Download Roccat Suora FX Key Features Built using a compact, frameless design, a metal housing, and Cherry MX Blue switches, the Suora FX RGB Backlit Frameless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard from ROCCAT consists of durable mechanical keys mounted on a robust base.

Roccat input devices driver updater

AUR, the arch user repository, with packages maintained by Aaron Fischer.


Roccat Input Devices Driver Updater

Orson from J├╝rgen Tretthahn. Use the experimental branch.


Copr with packages maintained by Matthias Summer.


Roccat Input Devices Drivers

Has packages in the main repo maintained by Dmitry Pisklov.


Package search which seems to be the main repo for openSUSE.


PPA from Arturo Casal.

Please refer to the sites documentations for informations on using those repositories. Keep in mind that I'm not responsible for any binary distribution. If you have problems please make sure you use the latest version from sourceforge before reporting, as the repositories are sometimes outdated.

Roccat Input Devices driver

Further actions

Roccat Input Devices Driver Touchpad

Please note that there's one thing the packages can't do for you. All users that should be able to change the settings have to be added to group roccat with the command 'sudo usermod -a -G roccat $USER'

Roccat Input Devices Driver

Also note that after installation the device needs to be replugged and the user needs to relogin for all changes to take effect.