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DDR Memory Buffer

DDR memory buffer is the main difference between ASI “Cool” and “Pro” cameras.

ASI1600 Pro camera includes a 256MB DDR3 memory buffer to help improve data transfer reliability. Additionally, the use of a memory buffer minimizes amp-glow, which is caused by the slow transfer speeds when the camera is used with a USB 2.0 port.

Astrophotography Performance

ASI1600 Pro offers very good performance for astrophotography. Low read noise, Low dark current, high dynamic range .

ASI1600 build in 12bit ADC but can provide 12.5 stops dynamic range which is even better than KAF8300 due to its super low read noise.

QE Graph

We suppose the QE peak value is more than 60%.

Dark Current

The dark current of ASI1600 from out test result.

here is a 300S dark frame tested with the cooler running at -25 degree.

Reliable Mechanical Structures

There are four screws that seal the sensor chamber. Our camera design has been extensively tested and is very stable. Even when used in higher humidity environments, ASI1600 Pro will still works fine without dew problems.

USB 3.0 Port & USB2.0 HUB

USB 3.0 Port: Provides 5Gb bandwidth to make it possible for ASI1600 Pro to run at 14.7 fps (12bit, normal mode) or 23 fps (10bit, high speed mode) at full resolution (16Mega). USB 2.0 HUB: Can connect with various accessories, including a filter wheel, guide camera or electronic focuser, allowing you to manage your cables better. There are two short 0.5m USB2.0 cables included with the ASI1600 Pro. The hub is powered by the external power supply if you connect one.

Cooling System

ASI1600 Pro has 2 stage TEC cooling system to enable very deep cooling (40°C-45°C below ambient). The cooler requires an external power supply, which is not included with the camera. We recommend using a 12V/3-5A or more DC adapter for cooler power supply (2.1?5.5, center positive).

Using a battery with 9-15V is also suitable for the cooler power supply.

Connecting Diagram

1. M43-T2 adapter
2. EOS-T2 adapter
3. 2”Filter (optional)
4. 1.25” T-Mount
5. 1.25” Filter (optional)
6. M42-1.25” Filter (optional)
7. T2 extender 11mm
8. M42-M48 extender 16.5mm
9. T2-T2 adapter
10. EFW mini
11. EOS adapter for EFW+1600

Mechanical Diagram

What is in the box?

ASI1600 Pro box includes all necessary cables, adapters, and manuals.

Notice:Cooled cameras need a 12v power adapter, If you don’t have one, please click this link to buy a 12V power adapter.

Drivers and Softwares:

Our website has newest camera drivers and many DSO and Planetary capture softwares. Please make sure the newest driver and software has been installed before you start shooting:

Appreciation of user works:

The Cocoon nebula (IC 5146, Sh2-125)
APOD Image of the day, photo by Marcel Drechsler

Основные характеристики

Цветность: монохромная
Матрица: MN34230
Размер матрицы: 17,7 x 13,4 мм
Разрешение: 4656 x 3520
Размер пикселя: 3,8 мкм
Шум считывания: 1,2 е
Максимальная емкость пикселя: 20 000 е
Квантовая эффективность: 60%
Разрядность АЦП: 12 бит
Охлаждение: 45°С
Максимальная скорость съёмки: 23 кадра/сек
Память: 256 МБ
Интерфейс: USB 3.0
Питание: 12 В, 3 А
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The colour sensor with a diagonal of approx. Not everyone wants to go through the laborious L-RGB process for beautiful coloured nebula or planet images. Stars don't burn out that easy.


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